Cannavaro: 'Nap编程做赚钱项目oli better than Maradona's'

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“Sarri’s Napoli really entertained the fans, put together many points and a lot of goals. They just lacked determination in the decisive moments, for example the dip in form after the defeat in Turin.

Lorenzo Insigne is the only Napoli player in Italy’s Euro 2016 squad thanks 在线外围投注to his impressive Serie A campaign.

“The differences with Juventus are in the strength in depth and the way they dealt with that, as over many games during the season it’s easy for a Coach to make choices if the whole squad is competitive.”

“I hope he can have a future as a symbol of the club, even if for a Neapolitan it is very difficult to play for your hometown club.

“Insigne improved a great deal this year, putting himself at the disposal of his teammates. I真人外围投注t is not easy being substituted in every game, but he usually reacted very well.

The former Partenopei defender was impressed by Maurizio Sarri’s side, who set a new record of Serie A points.

Fabio Cannavaro believes the current Napoli side “is stronger than in the age of Diego Maradona, but lacked determination in decisive moments.”

“Today’s Napoli is stronger than in the age of Maradona, but to be fair I wasn’t disappointed with Wal线上足球投注ter Mazzarri’s side either, as it was made up of players with great qualities,” Cannavaro told Canale 9.

“This is the way it works: if the boy next door gets it wrong, he has to be ‘punished.’ But this happened everywhere, not just at Napoli.”