Cannavaro: 'I will赚钱的种植项目 return to Italy'

“We were very strong, but not the strongest team there. Lippi said from the first day we could’ve won the World Cup.

“The problem is the lack of focus on youth academies, so clubs澳门外围投注 prefer to buy abroad rather than built talent in-house.”

The former defender has been tipped for a manageme线上足球投注nt role with next Coach Giampiero Ventura and director Marcello Lippi.

“After the Final, all our lives changed. We went from being normal players to legends. It was a fantastic experience, shared with extraordinary lads.

“Some choices were forced upon him, as in 2006 Lippi had at his disposal 66 per cent of Italians in Serie A, now we are almost at 36 per cent.

Cannavaro looked back at when Italy won the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

“If you have fewer players to choose from, there is going to be less quality, but those who are in the Nazionale now deserve to be.

Current Coach Conte has come under fire for his 23-man squad at Euro 2016.

“I had an important past with the Azzurri jersey. I don’t know when, but I do know I will return to Covercian21点官网o.”

Fabio Cannavaro said he “will return” to the Nazionale one way or another and defended Antonio Conte’s Euro 2016 picks.

“We were young and naïve, as only today do we fully realise what we achieved.”

“It is the duty of all tacticians to say yes when Italy calls,” Cannavaro told Canale 9.